optimize bixo

  How is bixo webmining example working? First, you must learn about pipes.   What is pipe? a set of processes chained by their standard streams, so that the output of each process… Continue reading

extracting data from pages

  The problem We want to download automatically some elements in some specific places in the web. For example, We want all the products (name, image, price) of the most famous technology on-line… Continue reading

hash2hash geohash algorithm

The problem We have stored to sql or nosql some information that contains longitude and latitude. For example, let’s say shops. We want a query that will give us the closed shops from… Continue reading

redis and nodejs problem with asynchronism

Lets say that we have a redis storage model in nodejs and we have already store some users. For example: users example             go to Storing an object in… Continue reading

getting start with node.js

When i begin with node.js i see that a document with records and apis for the basic programming needs is missing. So i decide to gather whatever i have found for node.js and good… Continue reading

Node.js, the server at its best

Php model began to grow old. Thousands of web sites and application had written this way since now. But computer science is evolving very fast. This situation brings up a new kind of… Continue reading

Redis, when it is clear, nothing is difficult

As a nosql supporter, let me introduce you REDIS. What is redis? Redis is an open source, in-ram, network, outstanding performance, key-value data store. Why redis? Provides you data structures with keys containing… Continue reading

The evolution of storage

Many articles has been written about sql vs (new)nosql models, but programmers are the most static persons in the planet. So, as every new and good pattern takes years to get support, storage… Continue reading

hello world

Hello world, My name is Giannis Apostolids. As the role that every programmer should have, i will try to write in this blog whatever new i learn and i think that is useful for… Continue reading